Once a humble fishing village, Kamala Beach has transformed into a Culinary paradise, a diverse blend of Thai and global cuisines.

The transformation began with local shophouses serving authentic Thai dishes, leading to an influx of international restaurateurs bringing flavors from around the world.

Today, the aroma of fresh pasta blends with traditional Pad Thai, symbolizing Kamala’s culinary diversity.

Kamala’s true charm lies in its unique beachfront dining experiences. As the sun sets, the beaches become romantic dining spots under the stars, with the soothing sound of waves accompanying various dishes.

Despite its growth, Kamala’s dining scene has maintained its friendly, relaxed vibe, with chefs and restaurant owners often sharing stories with diners.

This blend of culinary diversity, stunning locations, and warm hospitality make Kamala Beach a culinary paradise.

But it can be difficult to choose where to eat In Kamala, so we have compiled a list with recommendations.


Here is our favorite Kamala Beach restaurants; some are right on the beach.

Pavillion Seafood, Kamala Beach: A stone’s throw from Kamala Beach Estate, this bustling eatery serves authentic Thai fare. Highlights include the flavorful Green Curry with Chicken and crisp Fried Vegetables. With straightforward decor and a lively atmosphere, it’s perfect for experiencing local cuisine at great value. Contact: 099 424 6423

Plum Prime Steakhouse: Cape Sienna: This fine dining establishment offers a fusion of classic steakhouse selections with a gourmet twist. Overlooking the stunning seascape, the ambiance makes for an unforgettable dining experience. https://www.capesienna.com/restaurants/plum-prime-st akhouse/

Silk Restaurant, Andara: Silk offers exquisite haute cuisine, combining traditional Thai flavors with modern culinary techniques. The cozy, luxurious atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a special dinner. https://www.andaraphuket.com/dining/silk-restaurant/

Lillo Island Restaurant & Bar: A tropical paradise, Lillo Island offers a beachfront dining experience with a menu featuring local seafood and international favorites. Its bar is known for tantalizing cocktails. https://www.lilloresort.com/restaurant-bar

Little Lillo: Located in the bustling heart of Beach Road, Little Lillo provides an eclectic dining experience. From fine wines to creative cocktails and various snacks, it’s a great spot for a laid-back evening. https://littlelillo.com/

Bella Vista Restaurant: This Italian gem on Kamala Beach offers a range of classic dishes crafted with fresh ingredients and Italian passion. The beachside location adds a romantic charm. https://bellavistaphuket.com/

Cocorico Beach Kamala: This beachfront restaurant offers a unique European and Thai cuisine blend. Whether you’re craving a traditional Thai curry or a French-inspired dish, Cocorico has you covered. https://www.cocorico-beach-kamala.com/en/

The Bua Restaurant: Set against the backdrop of Kamala Bay, The Bua serves various Thai dishes in a relaxed setting. The friendly staff and reasonable prices make it a favorite among locals and tourists. Contact: 076385714

Blue Manao: A slice of history in Kamala, Blue Manao is one of the oldest restaurants in town. It offers a range of dishes that capture the essence of Thai cuisine, all at very affordable prices. Contact: 0848493830

Cromwell’s Bar & Bistro: This British pub brings a taste of the UK to Thailand. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a hearty meal and a good drink in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Contact: 0872713097

Sienna Rocks: Perched on the edge of a cliff, Sienna Rocks offers breathtaking views and a menu to match. From Italian coffee to creative sandwiches and salads, it’s an ideal place for a leisurely breakfast or lunch. Contact: 076337300

Here is how you find our favorite restaurants in Kamala