What to do in Phuket

Get the best of what Phuket can offer

Phuket is an island that offers more than just stunning beaches. It is a destination rich in history, culture, nature, and adventure.

Whether you want to relax on the sand, explore the sea, or discover the inland attractions, Phuket has something for everyone.

In this guide, we will show you some of the top activities and attractions you can enjoy during your stay in Phuket.

The island that has so much to offer that you will never run out of things to do and see.

So start planning your trip now and get ready for a fantastic adventure!


Here are some of the highlights that you should not miss:

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The beaches, discover what made Phuket famous

Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches, which range from secluded coves to lively resorts.

You can find a beach that suits your mood and preference, whether you want to swim, sunbathe, surf, or snorkel.

Kamala Beach, Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, and Bang Tao are the most popular beaches.

You can explore hidden gems like Nai Harn, Nai Thon, and Mai Khao.

James Bond Island, a once in a lifetime experience

This iconic island, Khao Phing Kan, was featured in the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

It is in Phang Nga Bay, a scenic area with limestone cliffs and caves.

You can visit James Bond Island by boat and admire its distinctive shape and scenery.

You can also see other nearby attractions, such as Koh Panyee Village, a floating Muslim community, and Koh Hong, a stunning island with a lagoon.

The Big Buddha and a stunning view

This impressive statue stands 45 meters tall and overlooks the island from the top of Nak-Kerd Hill.

It symbolizes peace and faith and is a popular attraction for locals and tourists like

You can visit the Big Buddha and enjoy the panoramic views of Phuket and the surrounding islands.

You can also explore the temple grounds and learn about Buddhism and Thai culture.

Phuket Old Town - A Journey Through Time and Culture

This charming area is the historical and cultural heart of Phuket.

It showcases the unique blend of Chinese, Malay, and European influences that shaped the island’s identity.

You can walk along the colorful streets and admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture, which features ornate shophouses and mansions.

Local attractions like Chinese shrines and temples, museums, and eateries can also be visited.

Take advantage of the Sunday Walking Street Market, where you can find souvenirs, handicrafts, and street food.

The On On Hotel - A Journey from Tin Miners' Rest to Hollywood Fame

One of the oldest hotels in Phuket Town and a living museum that tells the story of Phuket’s past.

It was established in 1929 to accommodate tin miners and traders who came to Phuket during its economic boom.

It later declined with the fall of the mining industry until it was revived by the Hollywood movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000.

Phang Nga Bay: A Spectacular Journey to Iconic Destinations!"

This is one of Thailand’s most spectacular natural attractions.

It features hundreds of limestone islands that rise from the emerald water.

You can explore Phang Nga Bay by speedboat or kayak and discover its hidden wonders, such as caves, mangroves, and wildlife.

Experience the magic of Promthep Cape

Explore stunning landscapes on hiking trails, witness spectacular sunsets, delve into the rich history of the cape.

Learn its significance in Thai culture, and marvel at the iconic lighthouse.

Pay respect at the fascinating shrine, build your own stone stack, and get to know Prince Abhakara Kiartiwongse, a key figure in Thai history.

Discover the vibrant Rawai Seafood Market

It is a must-visit destination offering a wide array of fresh seafood and a unique cultural experience.

Indulge in the freshest catch while preserving the rich history of the local sea gypsies.

Dive into the art of bargaining and savor your seafood selections, prepared by nearby restaurants. 

Discover the enchanting Samet Nangshe Viewpoint in Phang Nga.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring panoramic views of Phang Nga Bay, its limestone islets, and the captivating Milky Way at night.

Trek through the lush Thai forest, stay in bungalows with stunning vistas, and savor nourishment at the Bay View Cafe while awaiting breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Phuket's Waterfalls: The Complete Guide

Discover Phuket’s essential waterfalls. This article cover five of the island’s must-see cascades (if you are a waterfall fanatic).

Perhaps the waterfalls are not the most impressive.

Still, as they are all located in the rainforest in different parts of the island, the nature experience was top-notch (as long as you remember mosquito spray).

Unleash Your Sense of Adventure at Khao Sok National Park

From scenic road trips through surreal limestone landscapes to exploring the mesmerizing Cheow Lan Lake with its floating bungalows, this hidden gem offers a range of experiences, including cave exploration, jungle trekking, wildlife encounters, and breathtaking viewpoints.

Discover the pristine beauty of this ancient rainforest lake and create memories that will last a lifetime.