Layan Beach

Discover the Natural Beauty of Layan Beach

Layan Beach, located on the northwest coast of Phuket, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil escape from the more crowded beaches. With its soft sands, clear waters, and serene atmosphere, Layan Beach is perfect for those seeking relaxation and natural beauty.

Key Information

  • Location: Northwest coast of Phuket
  • GPS Coordinates: 8.0379, 98.2767
  • Best For: Swimming, relaxation, enjoying the natural scenery
  • Notable Features: Soft sands, clear waters, lush surroundings
  • Swimming: Ideal for swimming with calm waters

Serene Experience

Layan Beach offers a serene experience with its peaceful surroundings and beautiful scenery. The beach is less crowded compared to other popular beaches in Phuket, making it an ideal spot for those looking to unwind and enjoy nature.

Activities and Facilities

  • Swimming: The calm, clear waters of Layan Beach are perfect for swimming.
  • Leisurely Walks: Stroll along the soft sandy shore and take in the picturesque views.
  • Sunbathing: Relax on the beach and soak up the sun in a tranquil setting.
  • Picnicking: Enjoy a picnic under the shade of the trees lining the beach.
  • Facilities: Basic amenities such as restrooms and a few local eateries are available.


Layan Beach is ideal for swimming due to its calm and clear waters. The gentle waves make it a safe and enjoyable spot for both adults and children. At the northern end of the beach, where a small island is located, the water is shallow, creating a unique and picturesque area to explore.

Tips for Visitors

  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon for pleasant weather and fewer crowds.
  • What to Bring: Beach essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and a picnic blanket.
  • Etiquette: Keep the beach clean and respect the natural environment.

Nearby Attractions

  • Trisara Beach: Known for its rocky terrain and exclusive access, located nearby.
  • Laguna Phuket: A nearby area offering luxury resorts, dining, and golf courses.
  • Naithon Beach: Another beautiful and less crowded beach located close to Layan Beach.

Getting There

From Kamala Beach Estate:

  • By Car:

    • Option 1: Drive north along the west coast of Phuket. The journey is approximately 25 km and takes about 40 minutes. Follow Route 4030 towards Layan Beach.
    • Option 2: Take a scenic coastal drive, covering around 25 km, which takes about 40 minutes. Follow Route 4030 to reach Layan Beach.
  • By Taxi or Private Transfer:

    • Option 1: Taxis and private transfers are available from Kamala Beach Estate. This option is convenient, allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenic drive without worrying about directions.
    • Option 2: Choose a taxi or private transfer from Kamala Beach Estate for a stress-free journey. Sit back and take in the scenic views as you head to Layan Beach.
  • By Motorbike:

    • Option 1: For the adventurous, renting a motorbike is an excellent way to explore Phuket’s beaches. The trip to Layan Beach offers stunning coastal views but requires caution due to traffic and road conditions. Ensure you have a proper driving license and ride carefully.